RUBYnanomed was founded to bring to the clinical market the RUBYchipTM - the first non-invasive and easy-to-use cancer progression monitoring device that isolates circulating tumour cells (CTCs) through liquid biopsy directly from whole blood samples.

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Our innovation

RUBYnanomed has developed the RUBYchipTM: a microfluidic-based, liquid biopsy device for isolating all types of CTCs, while enabling the analysis of their phenotypic, genetic and functional characteristics, facilitating unprecedently frequent monitoring of cancer progression in a minimally invasive, cost-efficient way.

Ruby chip for liquid biopsy

RUBY chip reader prototype

Our product

RUBYchipTM enables oncologists to detect and analyse the evolution of cancer subtype and therapeutic resistance mechanisms in each patient, providing personalised therapy insights to treat their patients.

We are RUBYnanomed

RUBY nanomed team meeting with Lorena, Sara and Paulina

Non-invasive monitoring of cancer progression

RUBYnanomed was founded by three young women enthusiastic about science and technology, and passionate about transferring their innovations into the clinic for the benefit of the society. The founders’ drive is to make the technology available and accessible as soon as possible to every single cancer patient.


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