Our Product

RUBYchip™ the first non-invasive and easy-to-use cancer progression monitoring device.

The RUBYchip™ enables oncologists to monitor the evolution of cancer in each patient in a minimally invasive, cost-efficient way.

The RUBYchip™ is able to isolate all types of circulating tumour cells directly from whole blood samples.

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More about RUBYchipTM

RUBYnanomed has developed the RUBYchipTM: a microfluidic-based, liquid biopsy device for isolating all types of CTCs, while enabling the analysis of their phenotypic, genetic and functional characteristics, facilitating unprecedently frequent monitoring of cancer progression in a minimally invasive, cost-efficient way.

RUBYchipTM enables oncologists to detect and analyse the evolution of cancer subtype and therapeutic resistance mechanisms in each patient, providing personalised therapy insights to treat their patients.

Our Innovation

What makes the RUBYchip™  unique

Earlier diagnosis

Non-invasive analysis

Higher selectivity

Higher sensitivity

Reduced costs

No sample preparation