Publications – RUBYnanomed
5 de April, 2022

Establishing an Expert Consensus on Key Indicators of the Quality of Life among Breast Cancer Survivors: A Modified Delphi Study

22 de January, 2022

Discriminating Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Phenotypes in Circulating Tumor Cells Isolated from Advanced Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients

3 de September, 2021

HER2 Expression in Circulating Tumour Cells Isolated from Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Using a Size-Based Microfluidic Device

29 de May, 2019

The Significance of Circulating Tumour Cells in the Clinic

25 de September, 2018

Exploring sialyl-Tn expression in microfluidic-isolated circulating tumour cells: A novel biomarker and an analytical tool for precision oncology applications

14 de August, 2017

Sialyl-Tn identifies muscle-invasive bladder cancer basal and luminal subtypes facing decreased survival, being expressed by circulating tumor cells and metastases